The Perfect Wedding Reception is on the River Thames


There are so many different unique ways to celebrate your wedding in style and your options basically depend on you and your partner’s preferences and concept of what an ideal and memorable wedding reception is. However, we’re pretty confident that nothing compares to celebrating the most important event in your life than doing it with a Thames boat hire. Learn more about boat hire, go here

The River Thames is without a doubt the most fascinating way to see London it its entirety. This body of water runs for 215 miles and is the longest in the entire UK. And with this in mind, residents of the city eventually realized they could take advantage of the strategic location of the river by using it as a tourist attraction. With so many boats you can choose from, getting married on the Thames has become one of the most sought after conveniences today. Find out  for further details right here

Since your wedding is definitely the most special day in your life, you certainly will grab the opportunity to celebrate it in Thames. It’s the one day where you profess and officially confirm your commitment and union to your partner and all your friends, family, and everyone you value will be there. While you can always hold your reception just about anywhere, doing it on Thames is like the icing on the cake.

Preparing for the reception in itself is tedious and time consuming, and if you don’t make it extra special, it feels like all the effort isn’t worth it. But if you the reception on Thames, you begin your journey to a married life in a bang. You get to choose from several interesting boats as the actual venue of the reception. Each boat is equipped with unique features and designs that are specifically placed in there for a specific event. Aside from weddings, the boats at River Thames can also be used for other celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions.

Choose a fleet with several boat options so that you won’t have to settle for just a couple of boats. Each has a capacity of at least 30 and up to 150, depending on how big your special event is. But regardless of the size of the boat you’re hiring, the fact remains that you and your guests will be treated with the remarkable and stunning backdrop of the River Thames.

And what’s even more interesting is that if you want your wedding ceremony at the river, you also can opt to hire a wedding ferry that will take you to one of the several churches found on the riverside. Take  a look at this link for more information.


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